Why does your Church need a proper website?

In every growing church technology is used. A recent study shows that over 96% of pastors use computers or mobile devices for their sermons and over 98% of the congregation use the same technology to study what they learn. However, not that many churches actually have a proper church website.

This is problematic since millions of church-goers and prospective church-goers search the internet each day, seeking positive information and interaction.

A proper church website can be much more than a source of information for the church’s address and service times. Here are some key things to consider with your church website:

1. Credibility is key.
The first thing people do before visiting anywhere is an online search of the place. Based on the results of the search, you can find a desired location and also assume the quality of the location based on its website. This is no exception for the impression of your church to visitors. Your church’s website builds a great online presence that you are in control of and this results in credibility.

2. Mobile view is Major.
Internet surfing on mobile devices has surpassed desktop usage. If your church website is not mobile responsive you are losing many visitors every day because they are having a bad experience connecting with you. Mobile internet usage will only increase as new mobile devices flood the market.

3. Content delivery made easy.
So you captured great content on the weekend and you want to make it accessible to your congregation and visitors and even share it with family and associates without getting it lost in the social media clutter. This is where you can leverage the power of your church website. Present your content in a safe and attractive way at the convenience of your website and also track and manage its engagement.

4. Encourage community.
Your church website can become a safe place for members and like-minded visitors to interact. Example, discuss sermons, request prayer, contact leaders, share testimonies and more, creating a resourceful community.

5. Grow globally.
Expand your reach and your ability to impact the world beyond the walls of your church with powerful tools like Live Streaming, Vlogging and Online Donations all in the safety of your website.

What would happen if you armed your congregation with tools to evangelise and promote events, services, sermons or songs from your church? The power of a properly built website is limitless and necessary for today’s ministries.

If your organisation needs help implementing some of these strategies, send me an email at marcus@tmcaribbean.com or call our office at 1-868-723-0212 to set up a free consultation.

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