When to use a free web service?

This question is asked some 430 times on google and probably higher among persons who approach me about expanding their business or personal brand.

There are many website services who offer a level of free service, however, these come with heavy limitations usually unnoticed or not understood by the average user. I will elaborate on these limitations in another blog.

To answer the title question you must first define what is the purpose for your website.

If you intend to use your website for professional purposes here are some key points to consider:

• Your website is your global interface to the world.
What will be your impression of a company or individual if you walk into their establishment and everything they use are generic or cheap knock-offs, their presentations are template copies of a hundred other companies and their service looks like a hundred others in the same building? I’m sure you will think twice about doing business with an establishment like that.

• Anyone searching for you or your type of business will search for your website.
A remarkable and yet overlooked benefit to professional websites is a technology known as search engine optimization or “SEO”. Search engines such as Google or Bing, index websites for keywords and phrases to generate lead rankings in user search results and only paid professional websites allow this type of optimization leaving free websites not ranked and not found.

• A properly built website gives credibility and a sense of trusted quality to your products, services or brand.
This fact emphasizes the first point- customers qualify your service based on their first impression of you and your paid or free website will make this impression.

• It is also true that you get what you pay for unless you discover a considerable bargain at the right time.
I’m sure you will agree that this point explains itself.

If you’re at the point of answering this question or already made your decision and want to get a professional website developed, send me an email at marcus@tmcaribbean.com, we might just have the bargain you’re looking for at tmcaribbean.com

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