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The major issue with outsourcing web development overseas is getting in touch with them after they’ve received payment for the project. If you face problems with your website or even want to make a small change, the hassle and stress of trying to get in touch with the original developers is crazy. They almost always disappear after the project making support for your website non-existent.

The reason for this is that countries that do outsourced development work don’t have conditions in place that require a certain degree of integrity within the website, so they have no incentive to build websites that have clean code and are secure. The result of a website that has suddenly crashed can be more costly than having spent a little extra money to get the job done through a reputed developer that provides reliable support.

If you’re fed up with overseas designers or are thinking about it, it’s time to give our team a call. We have a creative environment that will tackle all of your marketing and advertising needs at an affordable rate.

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