Top 10 features for business websites

At every level of operation, there is a business class that provides various features to assist business owners in being more efficient. A website is no exception.

There are many feature sets that help websites better support businesses and here are my
recommended top 10.

  1. Customer chat. This can integrate with Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or other direct chat services to give your customers quick access to communicating with you.
  2. Contact form. A well-designed contact form can be the catalyst to you increase sales or acquiring leads for your business.
  3. Google map. This feature integrates with the GPS on your mobile devices to bring your customers straight to your business location.
  4. SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an important technology digital marketers use to rank your website in searches related to your business.
  5. Banner slider. Slides or rotating banners are an effective way to promote specific products or services on your business website.
  6. Call to Action. A call to action button simply activates your online visitors to contact your business or purchase a product or service.
  7. Mobile Responsive. With the rapid increase in mobile online users, your business website must respond pleasantly to your mobile visitors.
  8. Blog. A blog on your website like the one your reading now, is a great tool to educate your visitors about your business.
  9. Mailing list. A newsletter or mailing list system is a great tool to build loyalty to your business.
  10. Social share. Information is distributed quickly on social media so leverage this opportunity with Social share buttons on your business website.

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