Version, December 5, 2023
Confidentiality of all our users is very important to us. We (as Application Publisher) process
your Personal Data when you use our Service, as an Application User. This Confidentiality
Statement explains how we protect and process your Personal Data. We recommend you to
read it carefully.

  1. What is specified in this Confidentiality Statement?
    Sections in this Confidentiality Statement provide information regarding the followings:
    ● Type of the Personal Data that is processed,
    ● Personal Data Processing Purposes,
    ● Places where Personal Data is processed,
    ● Safety measures applied to protect Personal Data,
    ● Limitations of liability concerning third parties,
    ● Imaging, changing and deleting your Personal Data,
    ● Changes made in this Confidentiality Statement;
    ● What can you do if you have any question or remarks?
  2. Type of the Personal Data that is processed
    A. Personal Data used by our Service
    We use Anonymous Data to improve our Service. This information shall not be disclosed to
    the public through the Service.
    B. Automatically created Information
    Like most of the other websites and online services, we collect and process the
    automatically produced information as to how you use the application. Collected information
    includes your IP address and / or unique device identity.
    If you want to participate especially, the Application may collect your geographical location
    information. In any case, you can avoid your geographical location information to be
    obtained through your mobile device settings.
    If you want to prefer giving the permission of access and collecting of information from your
    social network account, your basic personal information (name and e-mail address, etc.) in

your social network account, also your social network user identity (not your password) and
parameters related to the posts you share through the Application. For more information
concerning how to set your account’s confidentiality preferences to check the information
that is accessible and acquirable, please refer to the confidentiality policy of the subject
social network.
This also applies to the information that is formed automatically with respect to how you use
the Application. This kind of information assists us in better understanding how the
Application is used and in producing services more appropriate to your needs as a user.
If you activate user authorization features in the Application, following additional information
is stored:
● Name,
● E-mail,
● Telephone number(Optional);
● Additional profile information sent by an external provider such as Facebook,
Twitter, Google+ or Linkedln.

We also collect the following (unknown) information to provide information on the usage of
the application to the application owner:

  • The moment you open the Application,
  • The screens you open within the Application and the time you spend on these screens,
  • The moment you leave the Application.
    Note: If the features of user authorization have not been activated, we may associate
    anonymous information with your information when you log in.
    If push notification ads are active in the app, information about BleshSDK, which works
    integrated with the app, is presented below.
    Through BleshSDK, users’ notification status, bluetooth status information, device
    information, ad identifier (IDFA), location, operator, installed app list information are
    accessed and necessary security measures are taken for the confidentiality of this
    If the user wishes to save the campaign image to the photo album, the user’s photo album
    and camera is accessed and the screen image is saved in the photo album.
    The information is used only safely and only for the period of time required to send push
    notifications via the app to the extent permitted by the User. The information is shared with
    third parties only for the purpose of carrying out the said objectives and it is not allowed to
    publish and disclose the information outside this scope.
    C. Specific Information

You may be asked to apply with some activities such as loyalty card, newsletters,
advertising; in this case, some personal information is required. This information is stored on
the database of our service (including third parties) and shall be shared with us.
When you upload any Data including the photos in the Application, they shall be shared and
shall be able to be seen by all other users of the application.

  1. Personal Data Processing Purposes
    A. Purposes
    The Parties process Personal Data for the purposes specified below:
    ● To ensure you can use the Service,
    ● To keep the information about our Services up to date,
    ● To improve and / or customize the Service,
    ● To identify you / or to customize the Service,
    ● To get to know you and to avoid fraud,
    ● To provide support,
    ● To transmit Your Personal Data to third parties if you request such an action from
    us or in cases we are legally obliged to do so.

B. Transmitting your Personal Data to third parties
We do not sell or lease your Personal Data to third parties without receiving prior permission
from you. However, we may provide your Personal Data to third parties in cases where it is
essential for you in terms of being provided with your Personal Data so as to fulfill the
instructions such as making payments with respect to Paid Services, through payment
We can provide “collective anonymous data” on the use of the Service to third parties for
such purposes in a way that we consider appropriate. “Total anonymous data” are data that
cannot be returned to you and therefore, is not deemed to be as Personal Data. For
example, we may use collective anonymous data for a better understanding of how Users
use the Service.
In case we connect to or are merged with a third party or are subject to restructuring, your
Personal Data may also be disclosed to a third party and / or transferred to this third party.
This third party shall have the right to continue to use the Personal Data and any other
information you provide to us.
We may disclose your Personal Data in good faith where we believe that you must comply
with a court decision, pending judicial transaction, summon of criminal or civil court or other
legal procedure and request issued by law enforcement defending so as for you to be able to
exercise your legal rights and to defend yourself against legal claims.

  1. Places where Personal Data is processed
    The data centers where the data are processed within the scope of the service are located in
    different regions. They are provided over hosting services in Turkey, Ireland, the Netherlands
    and the United States of America. However, the Personal Data processed may be
    transmitted to and stored in the hosting servers in a country other than these countries and
    regions. We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Data are used
    securely and in accordance with this confidentiality policy.
  2. Which security measures are applied to protect
    Personal Data?
    The security of your data and the safety of other Users are very important to us. We have
    taken technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data against loss or
    any illegal processing. We have implemented the following measures: protection of our
    servers through firewalls, SSL connections, and encryption of sensitive data. This list is not
  3. Limitations of liability concerning third parties
    Our service may contain hyperlinks to the services and products provided by third parties
    and / or to the websites or services of partners, advertisers, and other third parties.
    The parties do not have any control or influence on the content, websites, or services of
    these third parties. Different confidentiality policies may be applied for the use of third-party
    websites and services. This Confidentiality Statement only relates to the Personal Data
    obtained by the parties through using the Service in line with its own purposes. The parties
    do not accept any liability for the content, applications or operation of third party websites
    and services.
  4. Imaging and Deleting Personal Data
    You can send a request to contact us via email or to delete personal information collected by
    using the application. You may be asked to provide additional information to verify your
  5. Children’s confidentiality
    Personal information about children is not intentionally or prepensely collected.
  6. Security
    Measures are taken to ensure the security of your personal information, to minimize the risk
    of damage, loss of information and unauthorized access or use of information. However,

these measures cannot provide strict information security. Thus, efforts are made to ensure
the security of your personal information, but this is not guaranteed, and you cannot
reasonably expect that the application and its related databases will be free of any unfair
behavior, malfunction, unauthorized barriers or access, or other abuse / misuse.

  1. Changes made in this Confidentiality Statement
    This Statement can be updated at any time. The Parties shall publish an updated version of
    the Confidentiality Statement through the Service. The parties recommend you to check this
    page from time to time to be aware of any changes in this Confidentiality Statement and to
    be knowledgeable about how the parties protect your Personal Data. It is your responsibility
    to review this Confidentiality Statement periodically and to be knowledgeable about the
    updates, and you are deemed to accept and undertake the updated versions.
    You agree to abide by all the changes in this Statement. Your continued use of the
    Application after the change has entered into force shall indicate that you accept the
    changed Statement. If you do not agree with the Changed Statement, you must remove the
    Application and avoid any further use of it.
  2. What can you do if you have any questions or
    If you have any questions or remarks regarding this Confidentiality Statement, please
    contact us by sending an email.
    This Confidentiality Statement was last updated on December 5th 2023.