Increase sales during the pandemic

Did you know that your business can make profits during the pandemic?

The pandemic is here but where are your customers?
The Covid-19 Pandemic is here but that does not mean business will stop. The fact is there are still major opportunities in the marketplace and the only thing that is different from selling before the pandemic is how we view sales and our approach.

Here are three major things to consider in your sales strategy during the Pandemic.

1. Get online.

If you do not have an online presence in today’s world of business you are almost non-existent. Consumers look for everything online from food to clothing, if you are not found online chances are they will never find you.

2. Keep it simple.

The complex decision will require multiple people and as a result, take more time. Things are changing too fast and are unpredictable for most companies to be able to make long-term decisions. You will allow yourself greater opportunities to help the customer by first selling them the simple solution and then building on it.

3. Think outside the box.

Most “normal” things changed back in March 2020, and everyone is now used to new and unconventional ways of shopping. Consider different ways to remind your customers that you are still there;

  • Do an unboxing YouTube channel to showcase products in your store to help your shoppers “try before they buy”.
  • Display your products on TikTok to showcase new stock or to help clear sale stock!
  • Utilise Facebook Live for Q&A sessions on your products and services.
  • Keep high quality images of your products on Instagram and be sure to always tag links to your online store in all your posts.

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