How To Sell Custom Face Masks Online

Yes, you read it correctly. You can use these tips for any kind of online retail.

If you have an online business or planning to start one, Face Mask can be a quick seller. Masks don’t seem to be leaving our wardrobe anytime soon, so consumers are beginning to invest in more Face Masks.

Here are some tips to improve your online store;

1. Make Your Listing Appealing

Mask listings should be simple. They should be easy to understand with clear photos of your masks. The product description should include the type of fabric, measurements if it can be washed, and other important facts. The photos should be in natural, bright lighting to highlight the color and material. You should also try to include pictures of different people wearing your masks to show the fit and uses.

2. Don’t Make Medical or Health Claims

When creating your mask listing, you should avoid making medical or health claims. Your shoppers may be led to believe that your mask will prevent COVID-19 or coronavirus if it is mentioned in your listing. You may believe these things to be true about your masks, but unless you can certify this information with a credible body, avoid any of these claims.

3. Be Clear About What You’re Selling

Masks are a hard product to sell because no one has the same face shape or fit preference. If you are clear in your description about what they will receive, it will help eliminate the possibility of disappointed customers.

4. Highlight Product Features

Promote features of your mask such as the type of ear straps, mask fabric, if they are machine washable, or even reversible. Shoppers will use these types of features as keywords in their online searches.

5. Share Your Shop on Social Media

Don’t be shy about sharing your masks on different social media platforms. Post links to your store on your social media & ask friends & family to share your new product on their pages — you never know who they might be friends with. Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great for online marketing at a fraction of the “cost per reach” of traditional advertising.

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