How to prepare for a mobile app

Here is a checklist I present to my clients to help them prepare for their new mobile app.

  1. Determine the main uses of your app.
  2. Determine if you will be collecting payments on your app.
  3. Determine if you will have live content such as blog posts on your app.
  4. Determine the preferred devices your app will be developed for.
  5. Prepare the initial information you will share on your app including text, high-quality images and videos. Ensure your texts are properly formatted for grammar and spelling and your images are gif, jpg or png.
  6. Determine if you will be using membership or mailing list functions on the app.
  7. List all your public contacts that will be used on your apps such as e-mails, phone numbers, fax numbers, WhatsApp numbers, and social media links.
  8. List your company website or resources you wish to link on your app.
  9. Prepare a write up about your brand, your bio (for personal apps) or your company profile.
  10. List the products or services you will be sharing on your app.
  11. Indicate in bullet form any special sections and information you wish to have on the app.
  12. Estimate at least 3 weeks for your apps to be approved and published on the app stores.

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