How mobile apps work

A mobile app or mobile application is a specially designed software that operates on a mobile
operating system.

Some of the most popular mobile operating systems or mobile “os” are Android developed by
Google, iOS developed by Apple and Windows Mobile developed by Microsoft.

Mobile apps are designed for the portability of smartphones, tablets, and ipads, and are generally classified as native or non-native apps. The native functionality of an app is determined by the app’s ability to utilize the architecture of the mobile device such as its camera, contacts, microphone, etc.

Mobile apps are commonly distributed on app stores such as the Google Play store, the Apple app store or the Amazon app store to name a few. App installers such as an apk file for Android can also be shared and installed directly bypassing the app stores but downloading from an untrusted source is not advised as malicious developers create unsafe apps that can be harmful to your device.

A mobile app can be designed and developed with your brand or business in mind.

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