How does an online store do shipping or delivery in Trinidad and Tobago?

Many of our clients ask us this question and the answer is pretty simple.

Shipping for online business in T&T works the same as it will for a US business;
• A customer buys a product and inputs their ship to the location at check out.
• The business’s website captures the order details and the customer’s shipping details in the administrative dashboard.
• The seller uses their desired delivery service to deliver the customer’s purchase at the specified shipping address.

Once the store’s website is designed properly, the shipping workflow is very simple and all the processing is automatically done through the website dashboard.

The shipping cost, customer order, customer information, invoices, and shipping documents are all captured and processed automatically and immediately upon the customer’s purchase on the website.

The are many reliable delivery couriers that you can choose from such as or TTpost for local deliveries and DHL or FedEx for International deliveries just to name a few.

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