Ecommerce in Trinidad & Tobago

Ecommerce refers to Internet commerce, a term used in conducting sales over the internet.

Online sales in T&T has become a necessity for many businesses, both before and after the covid pandemic.

Before the pandemic businesses used online sales to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. After the pandemic businesses used online sales to maintain customers and attractive new opportunities in struggling markets.

Statistics today indicate that both pre and post pandemic online sellers have sustainable incomes and in some cases an increased profit margin.

There was once a time in T&T where it was difficult and sometimes impossible to do online business, due to a lack of eccommerce options. Credit cards were accessable to few shoppers and online payment processing options were a challenge for many merchants.

Today most of the local finacial instutions including banks and credit unions have moved to the International Visa or Master Card systems allowing both debit and credit online payment options for the average shopper or merchant.

There are also new players in Caribbean eccommerce like WiPay who continue to push eccommerce in the West Indies even further.

Ecommerce like any other digital technology has had its teething challenges in T&T but it continues to establish itself in the business community as the way forward.

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