Benefits of Internet Radio

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Internet radio has many benefits for both listeners and broadcasters. In this blog, I will seek to highlight a few benefits.

Benefits for Broadcasters

The most popular Technologies that currently power internet radio stations were launched in the 1990s. Shoutcast was in 1998 and Icecast in 1999.

Today every major FM and AM terrestrial radio station have migrated their content to online broadcast for greater exposure in the online market.

Some major benefits are;

#1: Low start-up costs

With little infrastructure, getting a radio station onair is a quick & easy. Depending on the style of radio you wish to do, you will need;

  • Computer
  • Microphone
  • Broadcasting Server such as Shoutcast or Icecast.

#2: Automation is easy

Some broadcast servers have an Auto DJ feature which stores and rebroadcast mp3 audio files from the cloud which saves a lot of time and effort. Some stations run unattended for many months. 

#3: Low operation costs

Tehilla Media provides packages for online radio stations that are affordable, and it’s a key advantage of radio broadcasting over the internet. You don’t require a lot of staff, DJs and contributors can connect to the cloud from anywhere.

The main recurring costs are hosting and internet fees.

#4: Unlimited international audience

Internet radio is not limited to geographical boundaries. Someone can listen to Caribbean radio stations while in the U.S., or tune in to Asian radio stations from Africa.

The proliferation of smartphones has also contributed to the growth of internet radio. There are over 2.71 billion smartphone users.

Home stereos and Car manufacturers are also equipping their new models to support online radio.

#5: Better audience insight

Internet radio stations have a much efficient way of collecting stats on their listeners. Through server-side statistics, the radio owner can tell:

  • Total number of listeners for a time period (daily, monthly, or yearly)
  • Listener’s location
  • Total listening hours
  • And more.

#6. Available on every device

To access a radio station, one only needs a device that can play a radio stream. They are many devices that can do this, including smartphones, computers, laptops, gaming consoles, car infotainment systems, smart TVs, and smart speakers like Alexa Echo & Google Home.

Benefits for Listeners

Unlike tv or print media, you can listen to radio while you do almost anything and good quality internet radio is far more enjoyable than traditional AM and FM broadcast.

Some major benefits are;

#1: None stop entertainment

Listeners can tune in for any duration of time to their favorite internet radio station and enjoy none stop entertainment without static noise, feedbacks or quality loss no matter what device they are tuned in from.

#2: Better sound quality

Internet radio offers high quality audio that is beyond the capability of FM and AM stations because of digital technology. The audio is clear and free from static. It’s like listening to music from a CD or digital download.

#3: Improved listener experience

Internet radio stations enhance the listening experience by offering stream players that display the song title, artist name, album art, and social media share buttons.

There are other extras you can find on radio websites and mobile apps. For example, a list of previously played songs and links to purchase what you listen.

#4: Internet Radio is more accessible

The internet is everywhere and as long as you have access, you can enjoy internet radio with no interference problems like traditional radio would experience.

#5: No antenna required

This is probably the most obvious and appreciated benefit of internet radio. You don’t need to find a good location or setup a receiver antenna to gain access to your favorite internet radio station.

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